Top 5 Best 3g Dongles In India in 2014


Universal 3G data card dongle is a great way to stay connected, even when you are on a go. All you need is a SIM card and a 3G network, and you are ready to use this wonderful device. The user of a universal 3G dongle has the option to choose the network operator according to his current location. Plus you can derive the added benefit of high speed, which gives you the ease of speedy downloads.

Listed below are top 5 best universal high speed 3G data card dongles:

1- D-Link DWP-157: Price Rs 1390

D-Link DWP-157

Topping this list is the universal high speed data card dongle from the Taiwanese networking device manufacturer, D-Link. It is a perfect combination of great features and reasonable price. The features of this device include memory card support of 32 GB, call support, phone book and HSPA. The dongle is of a sturdy built and has a warranty period of 3 years.The current price is RS1390/- in This can change time to time.

2- Netgear AC329U: Price Rs 1449

Netgear AC329U

Next among top 5 best universal high speed 3G data card dongles comes this vibrant looking device from Netgear, available in eye catching colors.  The compatibility of this 3G dongle with Windows, Linux and MAC OC makes it stand out among others. Other features include high speed 3G network support, memory card and call support. However, the drawback of this dongle is that the warranty period is just 1 year.

3- Micromax MMX 210G: Price Rs 1595

Micromax MMX 210G

On no 3 is the Indian make high speed 3G data card dongle, Micromax MMX 210G. Micromax also has the honor of being one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world. This device has a range of amazing features such as phonebook, SMS memory, call support and expandable storage, all of these making a great bargain at this affordable price. Also, the good looks make it a tempting device to own.

4- Lava 21g: Price Rs 1899

Lava 21g: Price Rs 1899

Lava 21G is yet another universal high speed 3G data card dongle from the leading Indian brand of Lava. This great looking device provides super fast speed by supporting HSPA networks. Some of the features of Lava 21G are expandable storage and phonebook, but call support feature is absent in this device. However, it is a great option in case you want to use it just for the purpose of browsing the net.

5- Huawei E8231: Price Rs 2045

Huawei E8231

The fifth position on the list of top 5 best universal high speed 3G data card dongles is occupied by Huawei E8231. Incidentally, Huawei is the largest networking equipment manufacturer all over the world. Besides providing SMS support, this device has some unique features such as mobile wifi support and sharing internet with as many as 10 devices. However, it lacks with respect to absence of call support and expandable storage. This device is particularly useful for business people, who travel frequently.

Any these devices make a great choice if you are looking for a good quality high speed 3G data card dongle to fulfill your networking needs all the time.

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