What is the Locker Rent and Charges for UCO Bank


The name of UCO Bank is synonymous with trust and reliability, on account of the fact that this bank was a brain child of the great Indian industrialist, the chairman of the Birla Group, Ghanshyam Das Birla. He laid the foundation of UCO Bank in the year 1943, and this bank took a step further in the sixties, when it was declared to be one of the nationalized banks of the country by the Government of India. Today, UCO Bank has become a leading bank in the country, providing world class services to its customers, with latest banking facilities including internet banking, ATMs and much more, which is the sole reason of this banking making it into the list of top banks of India.

What is the Locker Rent and Charges for UCO Bank

Locker Services by UCO Bank

Among a plethora of services provided by UCO Bank, one of the main services is provision of lockers. Here are the salient features of the locker services provided by this bank, which give you all the more reasons to look for getting a locker here.


As said before, the wide network of UCO Bank in India works with the endeavor to furnish the best services to its valuable customers, who place their trust in it. UCO Bank has earned the reputation to live up to this trust and safeguard the valuable assets entrusted by the customers in the lockers of the bank.

Wide Coverage

Another benefit of getting a safe deposit locker with UCO Bank is its wide coverage in the country, with the presence of a large number of branches of this bank in big and small cities all over the country, with these branches providing the locker facilities.


The best thing about applying a locker with UCO Bank is that the whole process is simple and uncomplicated, without unnecessary formalities. All you have to do is open a savings account at this bank, which directly entitles you to apply for a locker here. When you apply for the safe deposit locker in UCO Bank, you will need to furnish your passport sized photographs, bank passbook and some other documents as a formality. However, the right to accept or reject your application for the bank locker rest with the bank itself.


UCO Bank provides great versatility to its esteemed customers, with regards to the size of the lockers in terms of their volume. The safe deposit lockers in the bank are segregated into A, B, C and D categories, based on their size and the locker rent varies depending upon the size.

What is the Locker Rent and Charges

The locker rent and charges are determined by two factors- firstly, by its size and secondly, by the fact whether you live in rural area or urban/metro area. The A category can cost about Rs 815 in rural area and Rs 1019 in urban areas, while the B category is available for Rs 917 in rural areas and Rs 1222 in urban areas. Similarly, the C and D categories can cost Rs 1528 in rural areas and Rs 2547 in urban areas.

 In this manner, UCO Bank provides lockers at a very reasonable rent and you can be sure that all your valuables are safe with the UCO Bank.

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