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“Khota Sikka-Jaat ke Thaath” is a Hindi movie belonging to the comedy genre, which has actors Aatri Kumar and Nilufer Salehi in the lead roles, while the supporting cast includes Rakesh Bedi, Hemant Pandey and Sushmita Mukherji. The movie has been directed by Ram Pratap Singh and written by Raj Inder Kapil. It has been released under the banner of Bharatiyam Entertainment and the producers are Manoj Bhardwaj, Pawan Raj Khokher and Naveen Kumar. It is a comic love story of a short boy and a tall girl. The movie was released in theaters on 12th September, 2014.

Checkout Movie Review of Khota Sikka

Movie Review of Khota Sikka

The Storyline of Khota Sikka

The story is about a jobless short-heighted boy Veeru (Aatri Kumar) from Udaipur, who falls in love with a tall NRI girl Kiran (Nilufer Salehi). Veeru is a carefree boy, who has nothing to do with the responsibilities of life. Their love story faces stiff opposition from the parents on both sides. On one hand, the parents of Veeru have chosen a traditional bride for him, who also happens to be the sister of their welder daughter in law. On the other hand, Kiran is expected by her mother to get married to a rich man. The story takes several comic twists and turns in the process of the two physically incompatible lovers trying to overcome the opposition of their families.

Performance Review

“Khota Sikka-Jaat ke Thaath” is a movie with too many useless characters, all cluttered up in a single boring plot. Nilufer Salehi has worked in a few films earlier, but this movie is the debut film of the lead hero Aatri Kumar, which is a total disappointment for him as well as the audience. All the characters seem confused, due to the absence of a sensible plot and utter lack of sense in their roles too. The film actually seems to struggle on all grounds- the outdated story, the very ordinary music and literally poor performances by all the actors. Even veterans like Rakesh Bedi and Sushmita Mukherji have failed to deliver in the movie, let alone the beginners. The story is outdated and the film looks straight out of the nineties, only to replicate the worst parts of those times. The direction is slack and music absolutely below par, leaving you with absolutely nothing to watch in the movie. The film has been made to bring in laughter, but all it brings for the audience is sleep. An absolute poor show, full of juvenile jokes that induce no laughter from the audience, but only bore them to testing the limits of their patience!

Box Office Collections of Khota Sikka

The poor star cast and weak story line have done great harm to the box office collections of “Khota Sikka- Jaat ke Thaat”, which has borne the brunt of the additional blow of being released with some big star releases like “Mary Kom”, “Finding Fanny Fernandes” and “Creature 3D”. The movie has made a very poor show on the box office, making a collection below par under few lakhs.

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