Movie Review of 3 AM and box office collections


3 AM is a horror movie, which stars television actor Ranvijay Singh along with Anindita Nayar, Kevin Dave and Salil Acharya. The movie has been directed by Vishal S Mahadkar. The movie was released on 26th September, 2014.


Checkout Movie Review of 3 AM and box office collections

The Plot

The movie 3 AM is based on the quest of three young men, to learn whether ghosts exist in reality or not. One of them is Sunny (Ranvijay Singh), who is a host of a reality TV show and has recently lost his girlfriend recently. The girl Sarah (Anindita Nayar), a journalist researching about haunted places in the city of Mumbai, died under mysterious circumstances at the haunted Rudra Mills, where these guys go to record paranormal activity on camera for a show episode. The movie is the narration of the night they spend at the terrifying place. Whether they are able to solve the mystery of paranormal activity there, or not, is to be seen in 3 AM. 3 AM is literally the hour of ghosts and spirits, when they are at the most powerful self. In this way, the title itself captures the essence of the film.


The Review of 3AM

Movie Review of 3 AM and box office collections

The movie is inspired to a great extent by Hollywood horror flicks, like “Mirrors” and “Paranormal Activity”. But too many dialogues in it have caused its failure to scare as well as thrill the audience. Plus, of course, lack of originality is another negative aspect of 3 AM. The problem is that the characters are engaged in continuous chatting, which hardly give any time to the audience to feel the fear, which could be generated by a comparatively silent horror movie. Performance wise, Ranvijay is good, and so are the other two actors. Anandita Nayar gets too little a role to be judged for her acting skills. But too much of useless banter makes this one difficult to handle. Moreover, the film loses grip as it moves into the flashback. It becomes much too predictable in the second half and the audience is bound to lose interest.

Box Office Collections of 3AM

The half cooked paranormal activity story turned out to be the basic reason of the below average performance of 3 AM on the box office. The movie was unable to scare, which accounted for a low collection of Rs 40 lakhs on the opening day. The box office collection over the first weekend amounted to Rs 1.25 crore, which is not great by any standards. The film has done better in multiplexes.

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