Top 10 Frost Free Refrigerators between 300litres to 400litres


Frost Free Refrigerators are seeing great responses from the customers for past few years for its technological advancements, various design &stylish model, more than one door facility and so much more. Even though the Direct cool refrigerators are sold for lesser price, and is sought ought for commercial purpose, Frost Free are expected to get its price slashed and meet down with the Direct Cool machines. In terms of life expectancy, Frost Free are far better than Direct Cool refrigerators. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency or BEE rates refrigerators by its power consumption. Even though direct cool refrigerators consume less power, Frost Free refrigerators have equally less consumption. BEE have rated each model from different brands according to their power consumption. The information given by the manufacturers are used by BEE to rate the refrigerators. Here’s the top 10 Frost free Refrigerator with capacity from 300Litre to 400Litre.

1. GL-D322RPJZ From LG


The South Korean electronics tech giant having dominant role in Indian market for a very long time. LG have been preferred widely by Indians for its quality range of electronic appliances and accessories, and customer support. This particular model have got the first place for its lowest power consumption of 198units/year. With smart inverter compressor, green ion door cooling, dura-chill this 310Litre Eco-Friendly refrigerator have acquired BEE 5 Star rating, and is available for Rs.36590.


2. RT39HDAGESL From Samsung

With a very big portfolio, the South Korean consumer tech giant have a grown so wide in Indian market. Products ranging from TV’s to Mobile phones and AC’s to Microwave, Samsung India, is one of the biggest electrical appliance company. This 393Litre model from Samsung consumes only 276units/year, because of its Energy Efficient Technology. The refrigerator has all round cooling, deodorizing filter, humidity control for drawers, door alarm, and LED display in the door. This model uses R-600a refrigerant and has received BEE 4 Star.


3. GL-D402RLJM From LG

LG have given another energy efficient model that saves upto 36% of energy. LG refrigerators perform optimally even during low voltage conditions and require no stabilizer too. This Eco-Friendly refrigerator features Smart Inverter Compressor, humidity controller, Super chill and ever fresh zone that stores the vegetables and fruits for a longer duration. Consuming only 256.85Units of power per year, this 360Litre refrigerator has acquired BEE 4 Star. With latest green ion door, this model is available for Rs.43990.


4. GL-D402RPJM From LG

LG’s 360Litre model GL-D402RPJM is considered as a kin to the previous model that had the same capacity. But this model falls short of only 0.08units of power consumption. Yes! This model has a power consumption of 257units/year. The feature includes the similar crowed features of LG Refrigerators like Smart Inverter Compressor, Green Ion Door cooling for beverages, internal micom, Dura chill that keeps the refrigerator cool upto 10hrs, and convertible box. This Eco-Friendly model also has beauty & care section to store medicinal & cosmetics products. This 4 Star BEE model is available for Rs.44990.


5. GL-P402RSJM From LG

This particular model is our third consecutive LG refrigeration, taking the 5th spot in our list. LG has been manufacturing energy efficient models in this range that targets the middle class people, making a tight competition for the other companies. This particular model also known as “Evercool On”. The power-cut evercool features of this model makes sure that the entire refrigerator maintains the same optimal temperature for 7hrs on power-cuts and the freezer upto 10hrs. Other than that the model possesses all the LG’s crown features like Smart Inverter Compressor, 4-Way cooling and much more. This model consumes a power of 264units/year and have acquired BEE 4 Star. This 360Litre Eco-Friendly refrigerator is available for Rs.47990.


6. GL-D372RPHM From LG

With 4th consecutive model from LG,one of the country’s leading producers of energy efficient electronic appliances,this model have bagged our 6th spot. With a power consumption of 253units/year. This 335Liter model features Smart Inverter Compressor, Green Ion Door Cooling, and Durachill. The Refrigerator also comes with tower LED, ever fresh zone and convertible box for fruits and vegetables. This model BEE 5 Star model is available for Rs.42690.


7. NEO IC375 Elite From Whirlpool

Whirlpool, is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of home appliances. After its launch of Indian subsidiary, whirlpool has captured a wide market. Its house hold product portfolio ranges from Refrigerator, Air conditioner, Washing machine and so on.This particular model IC375 from Whirlpool, comes with 6th Sense Deep Freeze Technology that controls the cold air movement, resulting in 40% faster bottle cooling & Ice making. This refrigerator also features tower cooling, Quick Chill Beverage Zone, Chilling Gel, Freshonizer, and Flexi Cool. With an annual power consumption of 275units. This BEE 4 Star, 360Litre model is available for Rs.43275.


8. RT36HDRZESL/TL From Samsung

From one of the largest producer of energy efficient refrigerator in our country. RT36HDRZESL/TL is a 345Litre, Double Door refrigerator. Samsung have perfected the design in this model with Easy Clean Steel that has LED Display and Recess door handle. This model comes with a de-odorizer, humidity control in the drawers, toughened glass for the shelf and a power cool function. With refrigerant R-600a and Twist Ice maker, the refrigerator also has a door alarm. Consuming only 265units of power per year. The model have acquired BEE 4 Star.


9. GL-P372RPJM From LG

Adding another energy efficient model to their portfolio, we have another LG made refrigerator in our list. GL-P372RPJM is 335Litres that features power-cut evercool and Smart inverter compressor technology, which is LG’s trademark. The refrigerator have acquired BEE 4 Star for its power consumption of 260units/year.  This Eco-Friendly Refrigerator has some key features like 4-way cooling, internal micom, superchill, tower LED, and ever fresh zone. This BEE 4 Star model is available for Rs.45090.


10. GL-E322RPTL From LG

With more than 108models that have BEE rating for energy efficiency, we have another model that took the 10th spot in our list. GL-E322RPTL is one of the 310Litre model from LG that consumes less power of 247units per unit. This model comes with smart inverter compressor, green ion door cooling, and powercutevercool. The model costs Rs.38790.

These above mentioned price may differ, so please check yourself at your nearest dealers.

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