Top 10 Frost Free Refrigerators between 400litres to 500litres


The Frost Free refrigerators are known for its superior technology when compared to Direct Cool. But when it comes to large quantity refrigerators, Direct Cool are preferred more, even for commercial as well as home use. But engineers have still managed to design and produce Frost Free refrigerators in large quantity. We have covered the best energy efficient refrigerator with the capacity range of 400Litres to 500Litres. Energy efficiency in refrigerators are calculated by the units of power it consumes ever year. The lesser the consumption the efficient it is. BEE or Bureau of Energy Efficiency have rated various models from different brands according to their energy consumption. Here’s our list of top 10 refrigerators.



LG, known for its energy efficient refrigerators in India and its range of products. The South Korean electronics tech giant, having strong roots in Indian market for a very long time, LG also has the best customer support. This 495Litre Refrigerator from LG comes with latest Smart Inverter Compressor Technology that saves upto to 36% of energy. This particular model consumes 299units of power every year. This BEE 4 Star refrigerator is loaded with green ion door cooling, convertible box, external micom and LED. This energy efficient, eco-friendly refrigerator is available for Rs.64490. This amazing refrigerator takes our 1st place.



This GL-M522GSHM from LG, is a kin to the previous model. With gross volume of 470Litre, this model has all the features from the house of LG, including smart inverter compressor technology, convertible box, spice box, LED and external Micom for temperature control. The door has a high gloss finish, and comes in a stainless steel color. This BEE 4 Star model consumes 290units of power per year. Priced at Rs.62190, this wonderful product have bagged our 2nd spot.


RT49H567ESL From Samsung

With almost 129 models in the energy efficient list of Refrigerators, the South Korean consumer tech giant have a big market in India. With products ranging from mobile’s to microwave. Samsung India has very big portfolio. This 481Litre model is a sheer beauty in itself, with ALF Clean Steel, LED Door Display, and easy access dispenser, the refrigerator has stunning look. The refrigerator also comes with features like all round cooling, easy slide shelf, anti-bacterial protector, multi-storage basket, and cool-pack. With only 299units power consumption per year, this model have acquired BEE 4 Star and settled in our 3rd place.


RT47H567ESL From Samsung

As the name denotes, this model comes from the same series as of the previous 3rd place model. With just the change in capacity and lesser power consumption, this model have acquired the 4th spot in our list. With all the feature as in the previous model the RT47H567ESL comes with all around cooling, anti-bacteria protector, twist ice maker, and humidity control for drawer. The metallic finish of the refrigerator gives it a modern look and suitable for our homes. With 296units of power consumption per year, this 462Litre model have acquired BEE 4 Star.


R-VG540PND3 From Hitachi

Hitachi, Japan based electronics and engineering conglomerate. It has business ranging from IT to construction machinery. Hitachi’s customer are not just people, but even governments that hands projects to Hitachi. Saying that Hitachi India, is known for its efficient and durable product. This particular 489Litre refrigerator from Hitachi consumes only 317units of power per year. The features of this model includes dual fan cooling, Nano titanium technology, LED light, Front air flow and much more. This model takes our 5th spot.



From the house of LG, we have another energy efficient model. This 420Litre Frost free refrigerator have got BEE 4 Star rating for power consumption of 282units/year. The model also possess the crown features from LG like smart inverter compressor, external micom, green ion door cooling, and a tower LED. The Eco-Friendly refrigerator, grabbed the 6th spot and is available for Rs.56190.


RT42HDAGESL From Samsung

Another marvel, stylish creation from Samsung India. This model features the company’s digital inverter compressor with 10year warranty. The metallic designed refrigerator has all around cooling, de-odorizer, humidity control for the drawer, interior LED light and toughened glass for the shelf. This refrigerator have also have moist free zone. This beautifully designed 415Litre refrigerator consumes 281untis per year and have acquired BEE 4 stars for the efficiency, bagging our 7th spot.


R-VG470PND3 From Hitachi

Hitachi have given its customer, another beautiful sleek model. This 451Litre, double door frost free have acquired BEE 3 Star. The refrigerator has dual fan cooling, Nano Titanium filter, Movable Twist Ice Tray, LED light, Mold proof door gasket, Eco-Thermo sensor and Slide out chill case. With all those elegant and simple design the refrigerator consumes 334units/year. This model have grabbed our 8th spot for its efficiency for its capacity.


RT49H5679SL From Samsung

From Samsung’s smart refrigerators series, this particular 481Litre refrigerator comes with digital inverter technology and comes with 10year. The all-around cooling keeps the food fresh and the wider space helps to keep the food organized. This model also has Anti-Bacteria protector, humidity control, MoistFresh Zone, and Twist Ice Maker. The body is made of ALF Clean Steel. The model also features cyclopentane insulation. This amazing product consumes 360units per year and have acquired BEE 3 Star, settling in our 9th spot.


RT47H5679SL From Samsung

We have our final model from Samsung, like the previous model this too hails from Samsung Smart Refrigerator’s series. The only difference is from its gross volume and the power consumption. This model have acquired BEE 3 Star for its energy efficiency. The refrigerator has multi flow cooling, fresh box, MoistFresh Zone, Humidity Control for Moist Fresh Zone, egg container, interior LED light, Anti-Bacteria protector, and twist ice maker. The design of the refrigerator is flaw and comes in a sleek metallic design. The lower door has easy access dispenser and the upper door has display/control, the handle is made from bar type steel-body. The body is made of ALF (Clean Steel). The refrigerator has a cyclopentane insulation and uses the refrigerant R600a, more eco-friendly. This stunning refrigerator consumes 350units of power per year. This 462Litre from Samsung got our 10th place.

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