Top 10 Frost Free Refrigerators greater than 500 liters


The modern kitchen is incomplete with an appliance and that is Refrigerator. These appliances are mostly used for storing or might be preserving the food for some amount of time, as well as to cool or freeze it. Fridge was something that was considered as an extravagance, today has become a necessity. Refrigerators come along in various sizes and are measured in quantity (liters). With the advancement in technology they come with various specifications and features namely- direct cool, cyclical and frost-free.


So, here are top 10 Frost Free Refrigerators more than 500 liters or more.

10th Position: LG GC-B217BPJV Side By Side 581 Ltr Refrigerator ACM(581 Liters)

This refrigerator from the brand name LG has been designed such that it provides you the maximum output acquiring minimum amount of space in your kitchen. It is compiled with LG’s latest green ion technology which would keep your food fresh for longer time than usual. Along comes a LED panel on one of the doors which would let you set its setting according to you, also you can set them automatic where the all new LG sense technology would function according to climate and atmospheric changes.

9th Position: LG 608 Ltr GR-B772GSPH Double Door Refrigerator Grey (608 Liters)

This double door refrigerator comes with a humongous storage capacity of 608 liters. If you live in a joint family of 8 to 9 people and are looking for a refrigerator with great storage capacity yet acquiring sufficiently lesser amount of space, then this one is perfect. It comes with a LED screen on the door for you to tune its settings accordingly. Moreover the newly developed Fresh Hygiene Technology from LG keeps your food pristinely fresh and hygienic for a longer time. Its four filters eliminate all the bacteria, dust, fungi spores and odor from the food keeping it garden-fresh.

8th Position: LG 581 Ltr GC-B207GLQV Side By Side Refrigerator (581 Liters)

This creation from brand name LG, a 581 liter refrigerator brings you one of the fastest cooling technologies along with its Multi Air Flow and Multi Digital sensors that sense the type of food that is stored and cool it with haste. It has a 5-star rating which would help you save more and use the machine effectively. The triple twist ice tray is a newly added attraction to the refrigerator that freezes water within no time. This side by side refrigerator is built such that it acquires comparatively lesser space yet is big enough to store all your food and keep it fresh.

7th Position: Samsung 585Ltr RS21HUTPN1/XTL Side By Side Refrigerator (585 Liters)

This refrigerator from the Korean brand name Samsung is one the variants from the H-series. The side-by-side and 585 Liters is built such that it obtains lesser space when compared to the capacity it can store. It comes with an attractive feature of an instant water and ice dispenser which you could access without opening the door. Its twin cooling system individually is designed such that it cools the content in all corners of the fridge.


6th Position: Videocon 604 Ltr VPL60ZPS Side by Side Refrigerator Platinum Silver (604 Liters)

With a warranty of 5 years on the product, Videocon assures its quality of its manufactured product. This refrigerator with a capacity of 604 liters would fit your food in it along with keeping it fresh for sufficient amount of time. It features the magic cool technology which cools the stuff inside really fast. Along is a wine-bottle rack and mini bar section to keep your bottle of wines separately and safely.

5th Position: Bosch KGN57AI50I Double Door 505Ltr Refrigerator Stainless Steel (505 Liters)

With the 505 Liter capacity, this product comes with a stainless steel technology providing it a longer life than normal. It comes with a bottom freezer where you won’t have to strain yourself much in getting ice. Also there is an indicator at the door that notifies if the door has been left opened by any chance. With the Electronic Exterior Control, this machine senses the atmosphere around and lets its cooling system work efficiently according to it.

4th Position: Whirlpool 635 Ltr FDBM Side By Side Refrigerator (635 Liters)

From the brand name of Whirlpool, known for their premium quality refrigerating machines, has brought this side by side, a four door refrigerator in the market. It has four different sections where one of them is the freezer and another one the vegetable drawer. Its technology is designed such that its different sections work on different settings, accordingly. Its Fresh UV Lights technology keeps your food farm-fresh and High Retention Moisture System keeps it moisture free at the same time.

3rd Position: SHARP 585Ltr SJ-PK-64G Double Door Refrigerator Black (585 Liters)

This 585 liter double door refrigerator from Sharp is designed to give you maximum outcomes out of it and is worth every penny. It is a 4 Star energy rating product for you to save maximum energy and perform with more efficiency. The Eco technology provides you the most resourceful and Eco-friendly technology to reduce the emission of green-house gases with its one touch Eco Button technology.

2nd Position: LG 842 Ltr GR-J297WSBN Side By Side Refrigerator Noble Steel (842 Liters)

LG’s this very gigantic cooling machine; an 842 liter refrigerator is typically for all those typical big fat Indian joint families. The fridge comes with a door mounted ice maker to get your ice ready instantly along with an LED display to control the functioning of the refrigerator automatically or manually accordingly. It has Multi digital sensors and hygiene fresh technology would keep your food fresh and hygienic.

1st Position: LG 679 Ltr GC-M237JGNN Side By Side Refrigerator Karim Black (679 Liters)

This premium product from LG compiled with a whole lot many features in it. Its Multi air flow, Hygiene Fresh and Express Freeze technology keeps your stored food fresh and hygienic all the time. The premium color scheme gives it a premium look that would add zest to your kitchen. The exterior LED display indulged on the door, gives you the options of changing the settings of the refrigerator accordingly to your will or may keep it on automatic mode and let take care of itself.

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