Top 10 Spilt Air Conditioner with capacity of 1.5 ton to 2 ton


Split Air Conditioner (AC) is preferred by many people than Window Air Conditioner, because of the latest technology and the various feasibility it offers by physical installation, not to forget the features it offers too.  The Air Conditioner for a house or office is chosen depending on the room size or the coverage area, on which the corresponding tonnage is selected, 1.5 ton AC is optimal for 150-225sq.ft room while 2 ton AC is for 225-325sq.ft room. Bureau of Energy Efficiency or BEE have rated AC with the above tonnage capacity according to their EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) which is calculated using the cooling capacity and the power consumption of the AC in watts. The higher the EER value, the better the AC is, in terms of energy efficiency. BEE have given 5 Star/4 Star/ 3 Star rating according to the EER value of each AC’s in all major brand, the data from the test conditions are provided to the BEE by the manufacturers.

Here’s the list of top 10 AC with a capacity from 1.5 ton to 2 ton.

RAU520HUD From Hitachi

Hitachi Home or Life Solution (India) Ltd delivers a wide variety of Air conditioners and refrigerators that are known for its style and sophisticated design with utmost efficiency. This Tokyo based Japanese Multinational engineering and electronics Conglomerate Company have gained a stronghold in Indian markets, by providing most energy efficient appliance with unmatched stylish designs. Hitachi have been releasing a lot of energy saving models in various tonnage. This model RAU520HUD, which is a 1.7 ton split AC that have acquired BEE 5 Star with the highest EER value in this range. With the power consumption of 1425Watts and a cooling capacity of 5700Watts, this marvel product has got a 4.00W/W EER, putting it in the top place. With loads of features included, the AC comes with a Star connect technology that allows the customers to command the AC through their mobile no matter where they are. The other features include silent cooling, Kaimin, My mode and so much more.


RAU520ITD From Hitachi

Another money saving, energy efficient Air conditioner from Hitachi. This 1.7 ton AC got the BEE 5 Star for the EER value. With a cooling capacity of 5700Watts and a total power consumption of 1499Watts, this model has 3.80W/W EER. With another great product from Hitachi, it comes packed with all the features including Koukin filter, Supercool function, Defrosting sensor, Anti fungus or Bacteria filter and much more. This AC has a rotary compressor and makes a less noise of 34dB.


RAU524HUD From Hitachi

This kin model of RAU524HUD, that took our 1st spot, has all the feature that comes from Hitachi including Star Connect which allows customers to control their AC via mobile from anywhere. The AC also comes with features like Auto Climate technology, Auto humid control and many more. With a cooling capacity of 7030Watts and power consumption of 1950Watts, this 2 ton AC has an EER value of 3.61W/W and has bagged 5 Star from BEE. This AC is best for its tonnage.


SRK26CNS-S6 From Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Group, is a Japanese multinational electronics and electrical equipment manufacturing company. Mitsubishi Electric has a wide market in India. This particular model is imported from Thailand to India. With an average power consumption of 2065Watts and a cooling capacity of 7400Watts. This 2ton AC has an EER value of 3.58W/W, excluding the import duties, taxes and freight charges.


MS-GK24VA From Mitsubishi

From the house of Mitsubishi Electric, one of the core companies of The Mitsubishi Group. This MS-GK series spilt AC is one of the next generation Air Conditioners created with groundbreaking technologies by Mitsubishi Electric’s commitment in providing a better society. This series uses a new refrigerant called R410A which is more ecofriendly and has 0% impact on Ozone depletion. Also this AC comes with a Nano Platinum filter, Econo Cool, Anti-Allergy filter, wide & long airflow and many more features. This model MS-GK24VA consumes 1850Watts of power, loaded with cooling capacity of 6600Watts, this BEE 5 Star rated 2 ton AC has 3.57W/W EER.


245 DY From Voltas

A Mumbai based Engineering, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Company – Voltas Limited, is known for its service and manufacturing wide range of products for industries. It also have impressive portfolio with wide range of consumer products. The 245DY is a special product that puts Voltas in the Top 10 list. 245DY comes with amazing features like Self Diagnosis, Timer, Blue Hydrophilic Aluminum Fin, Inner Grooved copper tubes, cross flow air vent and the list goes on. This AC consumes 1774Watts of power and comes with a cooling capacity of 6300Watts. The AC was given 5 Star by BEE for its 3.55W/W EER. The noise made by the AS indoor is upto 50dB level.


5HW24MA From Blue Star

Blue Star India is one of the country’s own largest central air conditioning company. They meet the needs of all kinds of customers like corporate, commercial and residential. They also provide specialized solutions for various different organization like Industries, Institutions, and Hospitals and so on. They also provide a great customer support. This model 5HW24MA is a 2 ton wall mounted spilt AC with BEE 5 Star rating. It has a rotary compressor, louvred fin condenser with features like Anti-freeze thermostat, self-diagnosis, memory back up and many other. With power consumption of 1820Watts and a cooling capacity of 6400Watts, the AC has an EER value of 3.52W/W. This AC is in our 7th place.


RAS-25N3KPX-IN1 From Toshiba

The Tokyo based, Japanese multinational engineering and electronics conglomerate corporation – Toshiba have a diversified products spanning from Information Technology, Communication equipment, electronic components and much more. Toshiba has a dominant market in India, in terms of electronic products. This particular model RAS-25N3KPX-IN1 from Toshiba is a 2 ton AC that is imported from Thailand. Packed with lot of features, this AC consumes 1880watts of power and has a cooling capacity of 6600Watts. The AC hasan EER value of 3.51W/W, gaining 5 Stars from BEE, which makes it an ideal choice.


Superia From Carrier

Connecticut based manufacturer and distributor of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems. They also manufacture commercial refrigeration and food equipment. After Carrier’s launch in India, it has seen a huge growth due to the demand in the market. This particular Superia range in 3 different tonnage capacity. The 2 ton Superia model comes with features like Self Clean, Follow me, Leakage Detector, Louver Position Memory, 3 in 1 filter, Independent dehumidification, cold catalyst filter, and much more. This BEE 4 Star model consumes 1710watts and has a cooling capacity of 5900Watts. The EER value of Superia goes up to 3.45W/W, placing Superia in our 9th place.


 MS11M2-22CR-QC4 From Midea

The China based privately held electrical appliance manufacturing company, Midea Group. Midea is famous for its household and commercial appliances. This particular model comes from the company’s Magna series. The key features of this AC includes 1W Standby, self-clean, leakage detector, follow me technology and much more. The model consumes 1813Watts of power and has a cooling capacity of 6201Watts. The BEE rated this model 4 Star for its 3.42W/W ERR. This model from Midea has got our 10th spot.

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