Top 10 Split Air Conditioner less than 1 Ton (<= 1 Ton)


Air Conditioners have become a common household home appliance everywhere, many factors influencing the reason, the rise in the earth’s temperature, and low price (Budget) air conditioner in market and so on. But the air conditioner serves the major reason for the rise in electricity bill. Not only the bill goes up but the resource is depleted so fast by the exponential number of Air conditioner usage across the nation. In order to save the energy and also reduce the electricity cost, BEE or Bureau of Energy efficiency started to give ratings for the AC’s depending on few factors like cooling capacity, power consumption and their energy efficiency ratio. The air conditioner with the highest value of EER saves more electricity than the others. Depending on the EER value the Air Conditioner can be put in terms of top 10. Also we should note the cooling capacity and the power consumption plays an important in deciding the EER value. To increase the EER rating the cooling capacity can be increased and the consumption reduced or either one.The higher the cooling capacity, more heat–the air conditioner can remove.

Depending all this factors we have categorized top 10 split AC’s with less than 1 ton (capacity).


1. S125FLT-LA Split AC From Onida

Onida is an electronics brand of Mirc Electronics, based in India. It was once well known in India for its color CRT TV’s. The brand manufactures various electronic appliances like TV, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, and Microwave oven. Even though Monitors and TV’s as their ground of excellence, they have designed and perfected the most energy efficient AC. Onida’s S125FLT-LA consumes 1050Watt of electricity and comes with a cooling capacity of 3950 Watt, giving it an EER value of 3.76 W/W. This AC has been rated 5 Star by BEE for its efficient performance. With an average indoor weight of 11kg this super-efficient, money saving AC is available for Rs.23096.


2. GSC 12 FG 6 BNG From Godrej

The Godrej Group is an Indian conglomerate, managed and largely owned by the Godrej family. It has operations in consumer products, industrial engineering, appliances, furniture and so on. In this wide category of appliances, Godrej is known for its manufacturing of Air Conditioners. And to prove it,this particular model Godrej has reduced the power consumption so much that the effect was seen in its EER. With cooling capacity of 3375Watts and power consumption of 912Watts, the EER ratio this AC is 3.70W/W for which it attained BEE 5 Star. The additional features of this AC includes Silver Ion filter, Air Purifier and memory function. This marvel product from Godrej is available for Rs.39290.


3. S125TRC From Onida

From the house of Onida we have another Air Conditioner that takes up 3rd position in our most energy efficient split AC. S125TRC have reduced consumption of power compared to S125FLT-LA Model. This model comes with Un-Hydrophilic condenser fin. And the speed setting air flow option. The total Air circulation value is 385CFM. This 9kg indoor part creates a very less noise level of 33dB. Overall a best Air Conditioner with cooling capacity of 3516Watts and reduced power consumption of 955Watt.This AC is awarded BEE 5 Star for its 3.68W/W EER value. Available of Rs.24001, this is one of our best pick.


4. AR12HC5UCNB From Samsung

South Korean consumer tech giant have had a big market control in India. Spanning from TV’s to Mobile phones and AC’s to Micro wave, Samsung India’s portfolio is pretty big to list. This Air Conditioner AR12HC5UCNB along with four other similar models except for few changes share our 4th place for their EER value. Apart from that, the AC comes with lots of features like Full High density filter, Auto Clean, Dehumidification, turbo cooling, Anti-bacteria coating and so on. With indoor noise level of 30 to 40db, the AC provides a quite environment. The AC consumes 1010Watt of power and has a 3700Watts of cooling capacity, steering its EER value to 3.66W/W. This amazing product is available for Rs.35200.


5. MS-GK10VA From Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric, one of the core companies of the Mitsubishi Group, is a Japanese multinational electronics and electrical equipment manufacturing company. Mitsubishi Electric has a wide market in India. Spanning from Air Conditioners to Elevators and Escalators, Mitsubishi covers it all.  MS-GK10VA is a 0.75 ton Split AC with less power consumption and above average cooling capacity. The AC has Econo Cool one touch operation that adjusts the air flow automatically, other feature like Electrostatic Anti-Allergy Enzyme Filter and so on. The AC consumes 740Watts of power and has 2700watts of cooling capacity. The EER value of this AC is 740W/W. It is available for the price of Rs.31340.


6. 3D Cool Climate Control from Whirlpool

The Whirlpool Corporation is an American Multinational manufacturer and marketer of home appliances. In India it is one of the leading home appliance company that provides variety of household products like Refrigerator, Washing machine, Air conditioner and so on. 3D Cool Climate control is one of the best energy efficient Air Conditioners from Whirlpool, with lot of loaded features, this AC consumes 948Watts of power and has cooling capacity of 3450Watts. The EER valued is pulled to 3.64W/W, making it an idle selection. This AC is available at Rs.33899.

7. CS-XC12QKY/CU-XC12QKY From Panasonic

Panasonic Corporation, is a Japanese multinational electronics corporation. Panasonic became one of the largest Japanese electronics producers along with Sony, Hitachi, and Toshiba and so on. Panasonic has been playing a dominant role in electrical market spanning from products like camera, TV, Air conditioners and so on. This particular product from Panasonic haven taken our 7th place for its high cooling capacity that gave rise to its EER value. The AC’s has an ECONAVI Dual Sensor, with nanoe-G technology the odor removing function is a crown feature of this AC. The AC operates with a power of 1020Watts and has a cooling capacity of 3700Watts, which averages its EER value at 3.63W/W. This sleek elegant AC is available for Rs.42800.


8. S125DFL From Onida

S125DFL is another quality made AC to tackle the rising need of energy saving Air Conditioners. With Gold Fin Coil, High Gloss Pattern, Lifestyle Design, Large Coil Area, Powerful cooling and many other feature available. S125DFL takes 975Watts of power to operate, and its 3516 Watts of cooling capacity stretches its EER value to 3.61W/W. This power model with an indoor weight of 13kg makes less noise while operating. This BEE 5 Star rated AC is available for Rs.24964.


9. LSA3VP5M From LG

The South Korean electronics tech giant, has an important role in Indian market for a very long time. It is also a key company that’s been taking the country’s growth forward. With wide range of electronic appliances and accessories, LG also offers a better customer support after sales. This particular model LSA3VP5M from LG is designed to work efficiently and save energy at the same time. With features like Himalaya cool, monsoon comfort, 3M Micro protection filter, Dual protection filter with 4D cooling technology. With its awesome looks and powerful performance, the AC comes with a cooling capacity of 3516Watts and consumes a power of 976Watts. The product is given BEE 5 Star for its EER of 3.60W/W. This powerful product is available of Rs.40490.


10. Superia From Carrier

Connecticut based manufacturer and distributor of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems. They also manufacture commercial refrigeration and food equipments. After Carrier’s launch in India, it has seen a huge growth due to the demand in the market. This particular Superia range in 3 different categories. Its features include Self Clean, Self-Diagnosis, Independent Dehumidification and much more. With power consumption of 950Watts and a cooling capacity of 3400Watts, the AC’s EER value is marked at 3.58W/W putting it in our 10th place. This product is available Rs.34994.

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