Top 10 Window Air Conditioner between 1.5 ton to 2 ton


Window air conditioner varies in their size as well the quantity (tonnage). On an average these air conditioners are available from 0.5 to 2 ton. The size varies according to the requirement and the dimensions of the room they are supposed to be functioning in. For the rooms as big as 13×20, air conditioners less than a ton are enough whereas for the rooms bigger than 22×25, air conditioners from 1.5 ton to 2 ton are preferable.

So, here are the top 10 Window Air Conditioners in the range of 1.5 ton to 2 ton.

10th Position: LG LWA18PRDFH1 Window Hot & Cold Air Conditioner (Rs. 28,820/-)

One of the powerful air conditioner, from the experts in the manufacturing of home appliances – LG, this cooling device is perfect for anyone who is looking for a potent Hot and Cold Air Conditioner. Loaded with anti-rust aluminum foiled condenser also known as ‘Gold-Fish’ condenser and the anti-dust fins the maintenance cost of the device become very low. It lets you sleep uninterrupted as the machine has the sleep mode and an intelligent feature that would automatically adjust the temperature according to the atmosphere outside.

9th Position: LG LWA5WR3D Window 1.5 Ton 3 Star Air Conditioner (Rs. 27,890/-)

This cooling device from LG comes with a special feature of Child Lock. Now, you can be least worried if your young one would malfunction the device. It comes with another attractive feature of Jet Cool mode that assures the room to be cooled or chilled within no time. The double layered filter allows you to breathe fresh as it lets the air pass through a dual layer protection where every kind of bacteria as well as dust is eliminated from the polluted air. Plus, its filter cleaning indicator would remind you of cleaning the filter.


8th Position: Carrier 2 Ton 1 Star Durakool Window Air Conditioner

(Rs. 27,296/-)

The powerful 2 tonnage air conditioner is not just designed to perform but also, its 1 star rating is meant to save energy a lot of energy as it functions. The Tropical Rotary Compressor is not only a powerful compressor but also is reliable and dependable but also long lasting and corrosion free as its outer layer constructed with efficient aluminum coating. Its superior 4-in-1 filter eliminates dust particles and bacteria and also removes bad odor letting you breathe freshest possible air.

7th Position: Panasonic CW/UC1814YA Window AC (Rs. 31,044/-)

A 2 starred air conditioner with a capacity of 1.5 ton, is perfectly appropriate to cool a above average sized room, efficiently. The air conditioner comes with a remote control, providing you a comfortable use and letting you use it instantly without any trouble. The instant memory of its, learns your average room temperature and adjust its temperature providing you a comfortable ambience and atmosphere. The superior multi air flow direction system of the air conditioner makes sure that the room is equally cooled, providing every corner of the room equivalent amount of air.

6th Position: LG 2 Ton LWA6CP1F 1 Star Window Air Conditioner (Rs. 32,021/-)

One of the popular models from L-Crescent Plus series, this 2 ton device from LG bring you the most advanced technology, a window air conditioner can have. The bright LCD display and remote control functioning of the device would let you control the room temperature with snap of your fingers. The dehumidification mode makes sure that every particle of air is dehumidified and that you breathe fresh air. Plus, the 1-star rating along with the energy saver mode of the air conditioner would even save your bucks in spite of its powerful performance.

5th Position: Carrier 2 Ton Durakool Plus 1 Star Window Air Conditoner (Rs. 31,109/-)

The very elder brother of Durakool, the Durakool features a lot many topographies and advancements better than the previous version of its. The Smart Time Guard and the 4-in-1 filter make sure that the air conditioner provides you extremely fresh and hygienic air for respiration. Plus the auto swing mode perfectly spreads the air across the room, equally. Also the self-diagnosis feature would make sure that it itself rectifies and diagnoses the minute errors affectively.

4th Position: VOLTAS 182 CY Window AC (Rs. 22,896/-)

With a capacity of 1.5 ton and a power consumption of approximately 1826W this cooling device is a powerful 1.5 ton window air conditioner. The indoor noise level air conditioner is not more than that of 56 dB which is negligible and would make sure that you sleep a very peaceful sleep. The high EER Rotary makes it extremely durable and efficient to be worked under any circumstance.

3rd Position: Hitachi RAW318KUD Window AC (Rs. 30,264/-)

Hitachi brings out no extra-ordinary features in this model but has made it more durable and extravagant as compared to the rest. With a Rotary compressor and a cooling capacity of 5100W, this air conditioner will make sure that your bigger size room is cooled and chilled in no time. Plus the dry and dehumidifier air mode refreshes every bit of air. And along comes an Automatic Climate Technology, which senses the exterior temperature and functions accordingly.

2nd Position: VOLTAS 183 CY Window AC (Rs. 25,326/-)

The upgraded version of VOLTAS 182CY, this model from VOLTAS, is designed with a 3-star BEE rating and betterment of saving more energy and more over your money. The air conditioner comes with Nano silver and Anti dust filter that manipulates every particle of polluted air that passes through it and tends to make you breathe fresh air. The auto restart option of the machine would restart it with the same previous settings, so that you can set particular modes on it as per your requirements.

1st Position: Haier 2 Ton 1 Star HW-24L1H Window Air Conditioner (Rs. 27,156/-)

This air conditioner, from the experts in field of home appliances, Haier, stands the premium one among the rest because of its price to performance ratio. Even though the air conditioner has a BEE 1-star rating, it manages to save more energy through its efficient energy saving mode. Its reliable compressor gives the cooling device stability and a constant durability. Plus the fast cooling technique along with high EER withstands the climatic components and cools a big sized room in no time. And all these just for Rs.27,156.


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