Top 10 Window Air Conditioner between 1 ton to 1.5 ton


With the increase in global temperature, it has become quite difficult to survive just with a cooling device like a ceiling fan or a cooler. You need something that is affective in a positive way as well as is efficient to be invested on. Window air conditioners, today has become one of the necessities to avoid and comfort you from the unbearable heat. Here are top 10 window air conditioners within the range of 1 ton to 1.5 ton

10th Position: VOLTAS 123LY Window AC (Rs. 24,190/-)

With a capacity of 1 ton, this air conditioner is one of the preferable options when you compare it with price to features ratios. Being a 1 ton air conditioner, this one is perfectly preferable for 11×15 rooms. A 3-rated device that would give you an assurance of saving the maximum possible electrical energy while performing at its best. It comes with a remote control letting you operate the device free handed, without any hesitance.

9th Position: Blue Star 2W18LB 1.5 Ton Window AC (Rs. 29,990/-)

An air conditioner with a star rating of 2-stars and a voice density of 55 Decibels ensures you to not disturb you under any circumstances. It is a 1.5 Ton air conditioner and according to the specification is preferable for office usage. Its anti-freezing thermostat reduces the cost of maintenance while increasing the durability of the device at the same time. The multi-fan speed features allows you to toggle between the functioning of the fan accordingly. Plus, the remote control along consists lets you control the device hands-free.

8th Position: Hitachi RAW511KUD Window AC (Rs. 28,700/-)

From the very known masters of manufacturers of air conditioning machines, Hitachi brings you the its device integrated with most advance technology. The feature of automatic adjusting the temperature according to surrounding(KAImin) and filtering the air from bacteria and many other such air borne’s(KOUkin) along with indicator of cleaning the filter. The pre coated aluminum fins takes care of the multi directional air flow and makes sure every corner of the room is cooled equally well.

7th Position: Blue Star 2WAE181YD 1.5 Ton Window AC (Rs. 30,000/-)

With a BEE rating of 3-star and a 1.5 ton capacity, this air conditioner from Blue Star is designed to give you maximum comfort. The auto-swing technology would make sure the room it is placed in would make sure that it is perfectly cooled in every corner. Auto-restart makes sure that the air conditioner does not has to remind you of switching it on after a glitch of a power cut and starts itself.

6th Position: Whirlpool Magicool Platinum V Series 1.2 Ton Window AC (Rs.29,500/-)

Considered as most suitable air conditioner for mid-sized rooms in high rise buildings in coastal areas, this 1.2 Ton capacity stands best in its class when it is about performance and power saving. With BEE Star rating of 5-stars this air conditioner, this air conditioner comes with a well-known 6th sense cooling technology and humidity control features. When on automatic mode, it senses the outer atmosphere and climate while controlling and assembling the atmosphere in the room.

5th Position: VOLTAS Magna Series 182 MY 1.5 Ton Window AC (Rs.22,000/-)

A product from one of the Indian colossuses in the manufacturers of air cooling systems, VOLTAS, this air conditioner is made to perform the best in Indian atmosphere and is made for Indian people. For just Rs. 22,000, this air conditioner with a capacity of 1.5 ton, BEE rating of 2 stars, auto restart and auto swing technology, it is considered one of the preferable options when compared it in features to price ratio.

4th position: Onida W123TRD Window AC (Rs. 24,390/-)

Sporting the Blue Fin technology and BTU compressor, this extremely durable and steadfast cooling machine from Onida comes with a 1 ton capacity, ideal for moderate home use. It has a 3-star BEE rating which will give you a hand in saving a lot of energy and burning cash on electricity bills. Put ON its sleep mode and sleep without a hesitation as it would switch off as per the fixed time period. The air conditioner is capable of removing about 1.2 liters of moisture from the air letting you breathe completely fresh and hassle-free air.

3rd Position: VOLTAS Hot & Cold Series 18HY 1.5 Ton Window AC (Rs. 29,990/-)

Made for a perfect India house, no matter if you live in the coldest or hotter part of the Indian sub-continent, this air conditioner will take care of the temperature of the house and make sure you are perfectly comfortable it being a hot and cold air conditioner. With a capacity of 1.5 ton, power consumption of 1800 watts and star rating of 2-stars this air conditioner is exceptionally powerful as well as it will save much energy.

2nd Position: Whirlpool Magicool V-WAC Window AC (Rs. 29,500/-)

With a capacity of 1.2 ton, this air conditioner is5-star rated, a perfect home-cooling device. With its 6th sense Multi Point Fuel Injection technology the air conditioner would completely take care of the room temperature sensing the exterior climatic temperature and keep the atmosphere of the room utterly cool and comfortable. Along with it is indulged the 6th sense Energy saver technology for the machine to save enough energy and perform with its maximum potential.

1st Position: VOLTAS Delux 182 CX 1.5 Ton Window AC (Rs. 21,400/-)

Loaded with a number of features this Air-conditioner is worth every penny. With the Anti-dust and bacteria removing filter, it gives a 100% assurance that you breathe clean and healthy air. The turbo mode would make sure that the room is cooled in no time. With its Self-diagnosis mode and memory function, it diagnoses the machine in case of any problem. Also, the self-timer and sleep mode of the air conditioner assures that the machine is switched off after a particular amount of time and is even automatically restarted in case of a minute power-cut. These features along with a comparatively lower price tag bring up the device to the top most position.

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