Tips to Select a Saree to Suit your Body Shape


A nine yard saree is the best dress to accentuate the beauty of a woman, and this fact has been accepted world over, with saree finding a huge fan following on a global level. Several international celebrities have been spotted in this beautiful garment on grand events, taking saree to new heights of popularity. Though sarees look good on almost all body shapes, still it is important to be careful while selecting a saree which suits you the best, so that it brings out the best in you.

Here are some tips to select a saree to suits your body shape:

  1. Fabric

The first thing to keep in mind while selecting a saree according to your body shape is its fabric. While stiff fabrics like cotton and organdy are more suitable for skinny body types, overweight women should go for softer fabrics like silk, chiffon and georgette, as such sarees will give them a slimmer look.

  1. Color

Color of the saree is another factor which determines its suitability for a particular body type. Dark color sarees look best on women who are on the heavier side as they make them look slimmer, while thin women can carry any color with ease.

  1. Border

Saree border is another important thing which has bearing on its suitability for your shape. For short statured women, a saree without border or a thin one would look better, while tall women look good in sarees with broad borders.

  1. Prints

If you are looking to drape a printed saree, you have to check out the print according to your body shape. Short women should avoid wearing large floral prints as they tend to make them look shorter, while small floral or leafy prints can balance their structure. They can also carry vertical stripes r small polka dots very well. Taller women will look good in any kind of prints, but as a general rule, very large and bold prints should be avoided.

  1. Embroideries/Work

Overweight women should not go for very heavily embellished sarees, while slim women can look graceful in heavily worked sarees. Young girls should avoid going for very heavy works as they can look mature in them.

  1. Saree Draping

The look of your saree depends, to a large extent, on the way it is draped. Draping style can make you look taller, shorter, slimmer or heavier. You should drape a saree in such a manner that it looks neat and graceful. At the same time, the falls should be tucked evenly and the pallu should be pinned up.

  1. Saree Blouse

The saree blouse is a key part of the saree, which can transform a simple saree into the most sensuous and graceful one. Choose a blouse according to your body type, as these days there are many options in styles of necks and sleeves.

Some other things to keep in mind while choosing a saree are the occasion, your complexion, the time of the day it is going to be worn and the accessories or jewelry you are planning to wear with it.

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