What your cloth color says about you


Shopping is one of the favorite pass times of many and people simply love to collect designer clothes. Even though you may have several clothes, you will still find yourself staring at the wardrobe each morning and ask yourself the question what to wear today. Many a times, you dress as per your mood and moreover clothes can elevate your mood as well. So, just don’t look up for wearing clothes that suit you but also analyze the color of the dress our outfit.


Red is the bright color and it suits both men and women. It is also attractive color that can grab the attention of people around you. Besides, red colors is said to have positive and powerful impact on your personality. According to some research, red color can convey signs of love and sexual signals as well.


This is one of the most loved colors of all. It is available in varying shades to match your personality and mood swings. In general, blue reflects relaxation and tranquility. Therefore, you should not be surprise if you see majority of people wearing this blue color. Tranquility is related to creativity and it enhances your thinking power while keeping calm and composite. Besides, most men find blue color formal that increases their thinking power as well as confidence.


Many people believe that black is an inauspicious color. On the other hand, few people find black elegant and glamorous. Besides, this is one color that can make you look slim. This is one reason that you will find many people black in parties to fit in the picture frame.  However, in some countries, black is considered to be aggressive and dangerous. Besides, people avoid wearing this color for auspicious or special occasions.


Go green and make the environment green as well. Green denotes positivity and trustworthy. So, if you wish to reveal this side of your personality, then you can opt for wearing green. According to a study, green color can elevate your creativity mood and also encourage you to think out of the box.


This bright color is in trend and fashion these days. Orange color offers warmth and very vibrant energy. It keeps your mood elevated all the time. Even if your mood is dull or you are upset, this color can instantly elevate your mood and make you feel energetic.


If you wish to feel inspired, then you can opt for purple. Besides, people color enhances your personality and also suits your glamorous look. Wearing purple makes people think that you are self centric or free.


Pink is traditionally consider a feminine color. It reveals your emotional mood along with the feminist character in you. Pink can be worn when you are happy and less angry or aggressive. Besides, a pretty pink dress can make you feel glamorous and powerful as well.


These are the color shades that distinguish your personality and also help in elevating the mood.

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