List of Top 10 Best Things to Buy with $ 100 in 2015


With the festive season being over, it is now time to pamper yourselves with some cool gifts. You may now probably be low on budget after gift giving to family and friends n the occasions of Christmas and New Year, which means that you may not have a big budget at this time of the year. Still, there are some cool ideas for you to shop in budget.

Here are top 10 best things to buy with $ 100 in 2015:

10. Apparels

If you are looking for something to buy with $ 100 in 2015, then you may easily overhaul your wardrobe by buying some cool outfits. Also, this is the time of the year when you can get some cool discounts on fashion brands and buy more with less.

9. Accessories

Another cool pick within your budget range is accessories. You may go for some smart footwear, leather wallets, bags, belts or sunglasses and some great offers are available in the winter sales. This means that you can accessorize smartly with budget deals.

8. A Wrist Watch

Next among the best things to buy with $ 100 in 2015 is a nice fashion brand watch. There surely are many budget brands in the market, which give you budget option and you need not spend thousands to own one of these brands of watches.

7. Games

In case you are game savvy, you can buy a thrilling video game with $ 100 this year. The best thing is that you have a great variety to pick from and games make great friends any time, offering you company and excitement.

6. Dinner

Another thing which is available in the budget of $ 100 these days is a dinner with your spouse, friends or family at your favorite restaurant. This way, you can not only enjoy delicious food, but also have a great time with your loved ones, which is worth millions.

5. Spa Treatment

A 100 dollars cannot buy you a relaxing out station trip, but it can sure help you get a refreshing massage and spa treatment to rejuvenate you. So, just take a spa appointment with this amount. You can also add in a beauty treatment or a hair cut to get a total makeover.

4. Digital Camera

You may not be able to buy an iPhone with $ 100, but a digital camera would be a cool pick in this budget in 2015. It will help you pursue a hobby in photography and also capture memorable moments forever and ever.

3. Movie DVD/Tickets

Next on the list of best things to buy in $ 100 in 2015 is a movie DVD or cinema ticket for your favorite movie or the latest release. You can get movie tickets for the whole family in this budget.

2. Music DVDs

If you are fond of music, the best way to invest your 100 dollars is to buy the music DVDs of your favorite artist. You can buy a nice collection of DVDs with this amount and these will be yours forever.

1. Books

Books are your best friends, which kill your boredom and can be passed as a legacy to your children. So, if you have 100 dollars to spare in 2015, pick some of the best books in the market and make a great collection for yourselves.

All these things show that happiness comes in small packages and you need not spend thousands or millions to buy it. Just a 100 dollars are enough to buy some cool things to make you or your loved ones happy!


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