Top 10 Direct Cool Refrigerators less than 200Litres


Direct cool refrigerators are very popular than the frost free refrigerator, because of their lesser power consumption, lesser price and the ability to cool the products inside at lesser time. Direct cool has been the No.1 choice for people running small commercial shops and many consumers too. Even though direct cool lacks ability to defrost automatically, direct cool refrigerator uses natural convection to produce necessary chill. The direct cool as the name says have the ability to coo the products and air inside the unit instantly. Direct cool refrigerator are the first choice for Industrial purpose as it is also more energy efficient. The electricity consumption must be a deciding factor for people to save electricity. BEE or Bureau of Energy Efficiency has rated the refrigerators from various brands according to their energy consumption. Here’s the list of top 10 Direct Cool refrigerators with capacity less than 200Litre and minimal power consumption.


1. RD Edge Pro 190PDS From Godrej

The proud Indian conglomerate, Godrej Group known for its quality products, is managed and largely owned by the Godrej family. It has its business in consumer products, industrial engineering, appliances, furniture and so on. Godrej is known for manufacturing the best direct cool refrigerator. This “Edge Pro refrigerators from Godrej is India’s first refrigerator to offer 6 Star performance” stated by the company, as it offers 15% more efficiency than the 5 Star refrigerators in its class. The features of this model is so huge to cover one by one, few of them are 50% Faster Ice making, 24hrs cooling retention, Larger Shelf and Freezer space, Deep bottom Chiller tray, dry store, aroma lock, Silver Ion Freshness technology and so on. This marvelous refrigerator consumes only 204units of power per year. This BEE 5 Starred, 190Litre environment friendly refrigerator is available for Rs.17900.


2. RH EDGE DIGI 190 PDS 5.1 From Godrej

We have another energy efficient refrigerator from Godrej taking our 2nd spot. The “RH Edge Digi” is the one of a kind from Godrej. This 190Litre Direct Cool refrigerator possess all the features of the previous model “RD Edge Pro” like Silver Ion Freshness technology, faster ice making, Anti-bacterial boxes and storage units for medicines, but the real uniqueness comes with the inclusion few Frost free features. The company still managed to keep the power consumption at 238units/year. This model is available anywhere around Rs.18000 (approx.)


3. RA20HCLS1/CTL From Samsung

With a very big portfolio, the South Korean consumer tech giant have a grown so wide in Indian market. Products ranging from TV’s to Mobile phones and AC’s to Microwave, Samsung India, is one of the biggest electrical appliance company, and they are back in our list with almost 160+ refrigerator models with BEE ratings. This model RA20HCLS1/CTL is our best pick out of 15 other models from Samsung that has the same energy consumption and have got BEE 5 Star. This 195Litre single door refrigerator comes with toughened glass shelves, deodorizing support, cyclopentane insulation, surf handle exterior, and dial display and control.  This model like other 15models consumes 246units of power per year and have acquired BEE 5 Star. This model bags our 3rd spot.


4. RA19ADES1/XTL From Samsung

Samsung have placed another model with high energy efficiency. RA19ADES1/XTL has a gross capacity of 190Litre and consumes only 239.97units of power per year. This single door refrigerator has many key features like embossed cabinet, deodorizing, clean back exterior, Anti-Fungal gasket, Diamond liner, rust resistant body, fire retardant wires and even works without stabilizer. This compact power packed, BEE 5 Star rated direct cool refrigerator takes out 4th place.


5. GL-205XFGE5 From LG

LG, known for its energy efficient refrigerators in India and its range of products. The South Korean electronics tech giant, having strong roots in Indian market for a very long time, LG also has the best customer support after sales. With almost 20models from LG fighting for this spot, with similar power consumption and same 190Litre gross capacity. Our pick is GL-205XFGE5 for its features like power-cut evercool technology, moist balance crisper, toughened glass shelves, Anti-bacterial gasket, egg cum ice tray, 20% faster ice making, single flower finish, and also works without stabilizer. With annual power consumption of 245units, this BEE 5 Star model is available for Rs.15690 and takes our 5th place.


6. NR-AH183 From Panasonic

A Japan based multi-national electronics corporation, Panasonic, have grown in Indian markets as Panasonic Home Appliance Company Ltd., with an over whelming response from Indian customers. This model from the company’s direct cool refrigerators collection have got our 6th spot for its reduced power consumption and splendid design. This 185Litre, BEE 5 Star comes with features like toughened glass shelves, bigger vegetable basket, Eco plus series that uses R-600a refrigerant. The model is excels in thicker insulation and clean back giving an aesthetically premium look. Consuming 185units of power per year, this product is available for Rs.14090.


7. RR1915BCASE/TL From Samsung

Being the leading producer of energy efficient refrigerators in India, Samsung have given another state of art direct cool refrigerator. This 192Litre, single door refrigerator consumes only 249units of power per year. It has also acquired BEE 5 Star for its efficiency. The model comes with features like rust resistant body, WIRE shelves and resin bar handle. This compact product have taken the 7th spot in our list.


8. RR2015RSBSJ From Samsung

From the stores of Samsung we have another model in our list that is best in terms of energy efficiency. The RR2015RSBSJ is a 195Litre refrigerator among 13 other models from Samsung fighting for that spot. With Samsung’s superior cooling techniques, the refrigerator provides optimal food storing condition, also which can be tuned to our needs. This model with annual power consumption of 255units have taken our 8th place.


9. RA19ACES3/XTL From Samsung

We another energy saver from Samsung. This 190Litre Direct Cool refrigerator features diamond cut linear, attractive door design, robust handle, efficient compressor and embossed cabinet. With power consumption of 249units per year, this single door refrigerator have got BEE 5 Star and is in our 9th spot.


10. RA19AHES3/CTL From Samsung

Our final product of the list also hails from Samsung’s energy efficient series. This model has a gross capacity of 192Litres and has a power consumption of 255units/year. This series from Samsung comes with freestanding compressor and without No–frost system and freezer on top. This sleek model has taken our 10th spot.


PS- Please check the price at your nearest dealers for correct and exact offer.

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