How Can We Use Technology to Guide Our Safety?


As time passes, modern technology is brought to the forefront of our society. Advancements are being made constantly within the realm of technology in all different facets. Safety is a primary area where consistent growth is seen. What kinds of technological advancements can guide our safety? How can we use this technology to help ensure our safety?

  1. Maps to Keep Motorists Safe

Do you remember a time before interactive maps came programmed on your cell phone? Keeping in mind that cell signals and WiFi signals can go down at any point, especially in rural areas, it’s still so easy to rely on those mapping devices.

Google Maps and other interactive mapping programs will actually call the directions out to you while you’re driving. This prevents you from having to look down at a paper map and figure out where you are and where you’re going. In Georgia, the majority of fatalities caused from car accidents occurred in cities rather than rural areas. With city traffic, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the roads, it’s all the more easier to keep your eyes on the road while a phone application tells you when and which way to turn.

  1. Jewelry That Can Protect Against Attackers

Some really cool new gadgets that help ensure safety actually come disguised as jewelry. Specially made rings and necklaces will allow you to press a button in case of an emergency, signaling a loud siren noise to sound up to 50-feet away. Some of these items can even send text messages to emergency contacts or to the company themselves.

  1. SmartThings Motion Sensor & Security Cameras

Security cameras can be useful for setting up around the outside of your house, but many people feel more comfortable with motion sensors inside. The SmartThings Motion Sensor can send a text message to your cell phone if it picks up any motion in the house or apartment that may be unusual. This can be helpful whether you’re in the house or out.

  1. BeON LED Bulbs

Whether you’re at home or out of town, it’s important to have lights on outside your house. Bright lights generally deter anyone planning to break in. BeON LED Bulbs actually turn on automatically if the doorbell rings. Many times, burglars will ring the doorbell to find out if anyone is at home, so this is a great gadget to scare them off. Motion sensor lights are also a great invention for keeping unwanted visitors away.

  1. Yada Backup Camera

Another great invention for motorists, backup cameras allow drivers see areas we might otherwise not have the ability to see. Now recommended by the NHTSA, rearview video systems or backup cameras help prevent back-over crashes. If your vehicle doesn’t have one already in the dashboard, consider installing the Yada Backup Camera.

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